Thursday, December 6, 2012

Far Cry 3 and GOTY thoughts AKA rant

Still waiting on blops 2. Anyways, so I preordered Far Cry 3, and like the majority of the Internet, I am not disappointed. This is an easy pick for game of the year and I really hope it wins. It isn't exactly going up against a strong crowd. I might review the game later but right now I've gotta throw a 10/10 at it.

However there seems to be a hoard of fans praising The Walking Dead. Let me explain why these people, or yourself, are idiots. It's fine to like the game, I didn't, but it IS NOT by any means game of the year quality.

-The game is 5 hours long
-It wouldn't have sold or be nearly as popular as it is if it weren't for the TV show/Comic
-It's a point and click adventure, seriously.

Now, to go more in depth. Those are my simple reasons, but to really cut to the core I have to explain why the game absolutely in no way qualifies for a nomination let alone award. Let us start by saying what a good game is. See, the great thing about games is they are able to provide the visuals of a movie, the story of a book, an amazing soundtrack, an urge to continue playing and include you in it with fun entertainment. The Walking Dead succeeded in one of these categories. It failed EVERY single other aspect of what a game can be.

The Game of the Year is supposed to show what games can really truly be, and what they are. Art. 

The Walking Dead is ugly. I don't care if you like that shitty comic book style. It looks ugly, it is undetailed, still manages to have horrible res textures, lazy, and the characters are lifeless. The only time they actually show expression is overly dramatic.The game is also riddled with graphical bugs like flickering, missing models, sometimes causing input lag.

The gameplay is utter shit. Your choices barely matter, it's not fun to play. It's really damn annoying having to walk everywhere. Why can't Lee run? Why do I have to walk 2 mph to go examine something 30 yards away? The game is incredibly retarded with QTEs. Seriously, there are scenes where you could end up mashing a button for forever, when you're supposed to fail the event. Why the hell would you make an event that the player basically has to sit back for 20 seconds and watch themselves fail? And more often than not, when the QTEs are difficult, they're retardedly difficult with annoying death scenes. As someone who played RE4, I'm used to frustrating deaths, but they didn't go on for half a minute. What is this, Resident Evil 6?

The sound is a joke. Nothing sounds realistic, the soundtrack blows, the voice acting is hit and miss. Some characters sound like nearly robots (Hershel comes to mind) and others are decent or sometimes pretty good. But things like bashing a zombie's head in or shooting them leave a bit to be desired, not that you do it often. The soundtrack is awful, no reason to go into detail.

There's no replayability, the game barely makes your choices matter. It's not fun to see the exact same unavoidable scene twice. And at 5 hours long it just feels pretty meh. There's no shock or something the next time you try the game.

I didn't like the story, it felt silly and dragged out and poorly written to me. I know most of you reading this will probably completely disagree, but the Lee and Clem annoyed the crap out of me. I've never had such an unlikable character in a game before since Final Fantasy 10.

Far Cry 3 excels in every single area here. Maybe you'll be like me with TWD and not like the story, but you can't deny the impressive graphics, and the innovative gameplay. And for those who loved Skyrim, you'll be blown away by seeing a game can be both fun, and open world.


  1. "Still waiting on rehashed shooter #147, here's why original games suck."

    Far Cry 3 was great but not a GOTY like you seem to imply. Too many small things that should have been changed, removed or patched up. The story line isn't that great, quite unbelievable actually, but if you don't take it seriously then it's decent. Crafting is solely to increase bag space for different things. There's a lot of filler between making you explore for radio towers, relics, lost letters and memory cards. Nothing was really innovative from

    TWD intended to stay canon to the comics not just in art style but characters and direction. The devs also wanted to stand out from typical games you'd expect to see nowadays, focusing on something others seem to no longer care about. If you don't give a shit about story then no wonder you hate the game. Rather than a generic shooter with zombies and familiar characters they wanted to tell a story and they did it well. For the record there's no replay value in FC3 either.

    It's no wonder you're biased if you talk about games you personally disliked when it's a genre you don't care for. Video games aren't determined just by what you believe they should and shouldn't have. And they both had some of the best voice acting compared to other games yet you seem to disagree.

    1. When did I say it's a genre I didn't care for? I love point and click games. I used to play them all the time, I think Sam and Max is even a decent series, when it doesn't have 5 minute load screens. I simply stated it's not a GOTY quality genre.

      You seem to think that because a game doesn't do every single thing perfectly it doesn't deserve GOTY. Far Cry could have been better, no shit, any game could be better.

      I highly disagree with it staying anywhere near the style of the comic. Episode 3 was it? The cannibal one? Yes, that was good. Chapter 4 was shitty, chapter 1 was shitty, chapter 2 was shitty, chapter 5 was meh.

      Uhhh, wow I never said I don't give a shit about the story, in fact, I listed it story as being one of the three important things to GOTY. I said I simply didn't care for TWD's story. Maybe you should read what I type.

      I'd say it's pretty damn fine to not have any replay value when you have 50 hour single player, a multiplayer mode (even if it's meh), and a co-op campaign. Compared to 5 hours of TWD.

      When did I say Far Cry 3 didn't have good voice acting? Once again, maybe you should read what I type. I said the main character annoyed me and felt fake in TWD. Lee was one of the lamest main characters I've ever seen, he was completely static, his attitude was the same regardless of what option you picked, and him being bit in chapter 4 was one of the dumbest fucking things I've ever seen.

      No shit I'm biased. See, if you'd look at the title of the site...
      DAMUELgaming. You came to someone's blog to whine about them being biased. Really? Really? What's next, are you going to a Klan meeting and going to whine about how racist it is there?

      I didn't suggest TWD to be a shooter with zombies and familiar characters. The game is fine at what it does do. It's disappointing, but fine. And I really like how instead of you addressing any of my points about why the game does fail, you instead rant about how it could have been worse.

    2. If you can't comprehend the very things you write, I'm not going to take the time quoting you bitching over story, voice acting and praising FC3 at every turn.

      No game has 50 hours of gameplay just because they market it as so; try about 10 hours of fresh content then 40 running around the map collecting pointless shit. There is no Co-Op campaign; it's preset loadouts/missions. Don't even bother trying to defend the "PvP."

      Your logic behind TWD "failing" is literally that it didn't some of things FC3 did. It's not GOTY because it focuses on things you don't care as much for. The fact you gave FC3 a 10/10 supports this more than anything, no game should ever be a 10/10 from a critic.

    3. Holy shit, you really seem to have an issue with your reading comprehension skills.

      A.I did not praise farcry 3 at every turn, but hey, if you want to think that, okay. I said it excelled in every single area, perhaps that was poor word usage, but the game does do at the very least decently/good in every single area. I can list several things I didn't like. The story flopped in some areas. The maun character (part of the reason the story flopped) could be incredibly obnoxious, hunting can become tedious/frustrating, the minigames become far too easy if you level your skills before attempting them. The multi wasn't great, but it's playable. And it still adds some gametime.

      Oh, and FYI, just because it's preset doesn't mean it's not a campaign. Otherwise I guess Walking Dead has no campaign... Oh wait.. that means The Walking Dead isn't even a game.

      B. If you read my rating scale (again, poor reading comprehension) you'd know that 10/10 isn't always a perfect game. I can't really think of a single game that is perfect. And Far Cry 3 sure isn't one.

      "9-10: Perfect or very close to it. Games in this range should at least be tried by everyone once. These will offer you the most bang for your buck and have earned this prized score. "

      C. Okay, please, strawman harder. I'll do it right back. The actual content if you spend time doing most of the things you can do in Far Cry 3 in a single playthrough is 50 hours. If you strictly stay to the story which is a mediocre part, then yeah, I'd say you could beat it in 10 hours.

      Now let's look at the same situation with the TWD. If you strictly stay to the story, don't put thought into your choices, don't examine the environment, and strictly rush through the story, the game would be 1/2 hours long.

      So please, tell me more how a 2 hour game is the best thing to come out this year. Since obviously that's how we're going to talk about content.

      D. I'll restate my argument I used on towards other people. Point and Click games have some of the WORST gameplay in gaming. You can absolutely not deny if TWD didn't have an interesting story and instead the story was piss poor, you wouldn't have even bothered playing it. You played it because you wanted to see what happened next, not because clicking on boxes with food in them was so much fun.

      E. And lastly, once again, I'm going to have to mock your reading comprehension skills. I never said the game failed. In fact, the VERY 2nd paragraph, I said it's fine to like it. I simply said I didn't like it. Because obviously gamers are all one big hive mind.

      Go take your condescending ignorance elsewhere. If you're going to post more stupid rants and insult me rather than bringing a debate to the table I will block you commenting on my site. You can't even say anything good about TWD, you just say negative things about Far Cry 3.

      I am perfectly fine with Far Cry 3 winning zero GOTY awards in a world where TWD isn't game of the year.